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Snapchat Trends: Snap Map

Note: This is the second of three articles on Snapchat. If you missed the first article, take a look: Snapchat Trends: Streaks and Scores. I asked my 16 year old son’s friend, Nick, what he thought about Snapchat’s newest feature, Snap Map. His response was immediate and strong: “It’s creepy!” At the end of June, […]

Snapchat Trends: Streaks and Scores

Note: This is the first of a 3 part blog series on Snapchat. Next up is a look at the latest feature from Snapchat, Snapmap. In October 2014, I published Snapchat: Do those pictures really disappear forever? The objective was to provide an introduction to this relatively new app that was gaining popularity at an alarming […]

The Challenge of Summer and Screen Time

For some of us, this might be your kids 1st week of summer vacation and you are basking in the freedom from hectic schedules, the stress of homework, and sleeping a little later in the mornings. For others, this might be the 3rd or 4th week of summer and the thrill of freedom might be starting […]

News Alert: Harvard Rescinds Offers for Obscene Memes

40,000 high school students from the class of 2017 applied to Harvard this year. 2,056 of those applicants were offered admittance to the most prestigious university in the US. Approximately 1,725 applicants accepted Harvard’s offer. That is an acceptance rate of 4.3%! Those are pretty slim chances of getting into a dream college. Privacy and […]

Establishing an Escape Route

Kids, even good kids, sometimes make mistakes. Our goal as parents is not to prevent mistakes, but to help kids learn from those mistakes. But if they are scared to tell us about their mistakes, they can get in over their heads and end up making even bigger mistakes to try to cover their trail. […]

Using Social Media as a College Application Tool

If you have sent a child off to high school, you understand that bittersweet feeling of being proud of this child nearing young adult independence while realizing that same child will be flying the nest in 4 incredibly short years. And boy, do those 4 years go quickly! There are so many things that we […]

5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe with Gifts of Technology

Hopefully you are putting the finishing touches on your holiday gifts and are ready to enjoy the beauty of the season. Maybe you are anticipating the squeal of joy your daughter as she opens up the gadget that has been on the top of her list for months! Maybe you are anticipating the days of […]

News Article: Gaming Addiction and Kids

It started with Pong, Atari, Nintendo….today there is Xbox, Play Station 4, Wii. The games used to be simple like Pac Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong…today they are more complicated, with graphics that make it near impossible to distinguish the game from reality. And today, the games are proving to be far more addictive than […]