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Back to School: Expert Advice on What Parents Should Ask About School-Issued Technology


Tuesday, August 8, 2017 – Chicago, IL – Within the next month, millions of children will return to school. With each passing year, schools are integrating more technologies into the classroom. One-third of all K-12 students in U.S. schools use school-issued devices. While the benefits have proven to be inarguable, the challenges to parents can be both intimidating and frightening. News of the misuse of technology involving students, whether it be online bullying or being victimized by predators, is growing at a rampant rate and the statistics are staggering. Nearly 43% of children have been bullied online. Only one in 10 victims will inform a parent or trusted adult of their abuse.

Cyber Safety Consulting (CSC), a local Chicago company with nationwide influence, combats these statistics by providing interactive education to students, parents and teachers about today’s technology and how we can keep our children safe as they utilize technology both in the classroom and at home. Liz Repking, CSC’s founder, is a nationally recognized speaker with vast knowledge of the issues, and is a valuable expert resource for news outlets. Here are her top three suggestions for questions parents should ask about the technology used at their children’s schools:

  1. What safeguards does the school have in place to ensure my child’s information stays private and only age appropriate content is accessed?
  2. In addition to the technology the students have access to, how is the school educating them on safe and appropriate online behavior?
  3. Schools have “An Appropriate Use” agreement that students must sign and adhere to. How will violations of the agreement be handled by the school?

As a subject-matter-expert (SME) in cyber safety and a parent of three children ranging in age from elementary school to college, Liz Repking offers a uniquely combined professional and personal perspective on children’s use of technology. She is highly relatable to parents, teachers, and school administrators and stays informed of present-day technology trends and issues.

Topics CSC covers in their workshops include online bullying, sexting, online predators, gaming issues and concerns, popular apps and how to use them safely, cell phone monitoring, safety settings and restrictions for phones and computers, and more. Liz Repking and her fellow cyber safety experts have spoken to students, parents, teachers and businesses across the country and are available for media interviews.

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About Cyber Safety Consulting:

Cyber Safety Consulting (CSC) is an organization focused on protecting children in today’s high-paced digital age. CSC offers Internet and cyber safety training courses and personal consulting to parents who are overwhelmed by the amount and breadth of technology and social networks that our children are using. Services include student & parent workshops, family & small group sessions, and institutional IT consulting, and a classroom curriculum (CASE). For more information about Cyber Safety Consulting, visit the website at

About Liz Repking:
Liz Repking, Cyber Safety Consulting’s founder and senior Cyber Safety Expert, is also the mother of 3 children ranging in age from elementary school to college. After entering the workforce over 20 years ago, she spent a majority of her career working as a technology consultant, developing and delivering a variety of training courses for clients. As the Founder of Cyber Safety Consulting, Liz’s technology and training experience is perfectly paired with her passion for the online safety of our children. Liz’s mission is to help parents increase their comfort and confidence in order to keep their children safe by being involved in their online life.